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Clipboard Commander



It all starts with a blank canvas.

But this time there is no amazing journey, it's just utility in its purest form. Basic functionality that you need for work or anything else for that matter. 

Everybody needs to copy paste text and images, and if you're like me, then the basic macOS functionality is not enough. 

I sometimes find myself adding something to the clipboard and then get dragged into another task and have my clipboard content overridden and maybe I navigated to a completely different space inside my workflow so it's not trivial to get that back.


Not anymore.

Now I can just have all my clipboard history at my finger tips. Need something from 2 hours ago? No problem.

Took 20 screenshots of things and don't remember in which order? Simple again, there's a preview.

Open the clipboard with the shortcut.

Tweak options, or just clear your whole clipboard.

It really is nothing more than that. 

Just copy - paste.

Just Clipboard Commander

Make it yours.

You can choose the size of your clipboard and the language in which is displayed.

Currently the app is available in English, German, Dutch, French and Japanese.

And also you can customise the shortcut used to copy items from main list. 

The default shortcuts are available for the first 9 items using ⌘ + 1, ⌘ + 2 .... ⌘ + 9.

You also have the option to change the modifier(⌘) and add any combination of the four modifiers ⇧(shift) ⌃(control) ⌥(option) ⌘(command)

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