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The app created for anyone and everyone who wants to have a strong and integrated online image for their personal brand, business or product.

When shaping an online presence, a great amount of time is wasted on using an array of different software products in order to create the perfect posts.

We offer an out-of-the-box solution that creates and publishes content on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

With the SayNoMore app, all your posts are tidy and clean, in the same unique place where you can easily find what you posted three years ago.

Enough with the talk, follow these 5 easy steps in order to become the next major influencer.

Create an account, obviously

saynomore create account screen
create new post button

Create a

new post

Select a background image, text and logo

saynomore designer

Write a cool message to post with your image

saynomore share screen

Choose where

you share

saynomor sharescreen

Done. Whoo...

How does it work?

Connect your social media accounts

We will use to those to display your unified feed and to be able to post on your behalf.

You can post to multiple platforms at once.

Create your content or upload your own.

Customise the image that you'll be posting using the built-in designer. It has never been easier to post on all your relevant social networks at the same time.

Choose a background.

From the gallery you can upload your own images or use the built-in unsplash integration and use thousands of royalty-free images. Sure, you can go for a unicolour background and put some shapes to add a little bit of diversity. Simply use your imagination and you will obtain the perfect background.

Then add text and more images.

Enhance your awesome post so the message you send your followers gets more attention.

Create a free account now and let the magic begin. Become the master of great online branding.

Let us know what you think!

How secure is SayNoMore?

We take your data security very seriously:

  • All interactions with SayNoMore are encrypted with SSL/TLS1.2 over the Internet.

  • SayNoMore databases are kept in a private network, completely inaccessible from the public Internet.

  • We don't store any passwords, so even if our database were to be hacked, it would be impossible for attackers to gain access to any of your accounts.

  • SayNoMore accesses Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin on your behalf using a mechanism called OAuth; this is highly secure and flexible in that you can easily disable SayNoMore’s access at any time.

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